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The Training Trio: Are 3 Partners a Crowd?

In a blog last month, I covered the 4 Big Benefits of working out with a training partner.  But does the old maxim that “two’s company and three’s a crowd” apply to gym workouts?  Some people would say so. The disadvantage of a training as a threesome is obvious: an extra training partner can slow everything down.  With two partners, both are always occupied – one is doing a set while the other is spotting, and vice versa.  It’s easy for two partners to get into a steady rhythm and there’s no excuse for extended rest periods.  Nobody is ever standing around with nothing to do.  With trio training, one partner is always neither doing a set nor spotting.  That’s when a talky partner can become a distraction, diverting the spotter’s attention – a potential danger – or simply slowing down the overall workout pace.

But the advantages of trio training can be significant, too.  Here are 3 suggestions for making the most of a training trio: Read the rest of this entry »


Four Big Benefits of a Training Partner

Over the decades in which I’ve been hitting the iron, I’ve trained alone for stretches but mostly I’ve trained with a lifting partner.  The faces have changed over the years, but I’ve always consistently gotten my best workouts with a partner.  Why do many people get their best results from training with a partner?  Here are my top four reasons!    

Accountability:  There are days when most people don’t feel like working out.  Maybe they’re tired, or upset about something that happened at home or at work.  Maybe things are hectic, and the time could be spent elsewhere.  Maybe they’re just lazy that day.  Regardless of the reason, sooner or later most people will have a day when they physically could go to the gym, and could make time for it, but choose not to.  The occasional missed workout won’t hurt you in the long run, but once it starts happening regularly your results will stop … or go in reverse!  Consistency is the key to progress, and lapses in workout discipline can lead to lapses in diet as well.  That’s where a lifting partner can help. Read the rest of this entry »


John’s Alpha Male Challenge – A Look Under the Hood

Under the hoodAs I mentioned yesterday, John’s Challenge is off to a running start. So today I thought I’d cover the logistics. It’s a dull topic, but important… it’s the boring little organizational details that can make – or break – a program like the AMC.  The point is to make it go as smoothly as possible, so that it fits into our lives, vs. taking them over completely. 

The big issue is shopping and food prep. Trying to “wing” this aspect of the AMC – or any nutrition program, for that matter – is a biiiig mistake. There are always times when we’re hungry and want something to eat NOW, so there should be suitable – and appealing – food always within easy reach.  Beyond that, we need to be able to put together workplace meals quickly. John is out the door pretty early in the morning, so there’s little time for preparing office meals from scratch.

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Devil Sets: Taking True Alpha to Another Intensity Level

Are you ready to take Alpha Wave Training to a whole ‘nother level of muscle-building?  Team True Alpha is already at work on amazing follow-up ideas to take our future resistance training programs to even higher levels of intensity!  In the meantime, I want to introduce you to a brutal technique I’ve personally been using for years with incredible results.  Warning: this is a savage high-intensity tactic that produces extreme soreness … and RESULTS!  I call them “Devil Sets” because of the number that defines them: 6-6-6, the Number of the Beast!  And also because the last couple of repetitions will absolutely hurt like the Devil

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I’m ecstatic about the way Alpha Male Challenge is changing bodies and lives. Not long ago I received an email from a guy named Dale Leonard. He was deep into the Challenge, and was looking for some additional Spartan Diet ideas. I offered some him some helpful tips to get him through the low-carb portion of the nutritional program.

The follow-up email I received from Dale blew me away!

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Hot Girls and Loud Music

We are all looking for ways to squeeze out a little added benefit to our workouts and they can come from surprising places.

I also felt a need to justify myself after enduring a little bit of ridicule from James and Rick this week via our social friend Facebook. Apparently, listening to Britney during workouts is somewhat of a controversial activity.

But is it? Read the rest of this entry »

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