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Do you have the “Eye of the Tiger”?

Most people you talk to at one time or another have stopped and started a weight loss program. When someone starts a weight loss program, they’re usually very motivated about it. They’ve got the “Eye of the Tiger”. But then, after a few weeks or months, they lose momentum and motivation. They’ve lost their “Eye of the Tiger”. Read the rest of this entry »


Do organic snacks have less calories?

While shopping at major chain supermarket, I noticed a box of Organic Oreo Cookies in another shopper’s cart.  This is the first time I saw this product and I couldn’t help but talk to the shopper about this product.  There are many junk/snack foods that are made with organic ingredients (and are not necessarily 100% organic) .  The problem is that when people see the word “organic”, they immediately associate it with being healthier, which then leads people to believe it has less calories, making us believe we can eat more of it. Read the rest of this entry »


Words of Wisdom From James Villepigue

James Villepigue is one of the top Fitness Professionals in the country.  I had the pleasure of having him as a guest on my Fit Talk Show and during my conversation with James, he said something which really stuck with me.

James said, “the best workout program is the one you’re not following”. Think about that.  There are so many great workout programs you can buy, but if you’re not following the program, what good is it? Read the rest of this entry »


Good Health Starts in the Supermarket

It’s no secret that Health is one of the hottest topics right now and that the obesity rate amongst not only adults, but children continues to sky rocket. More often than not, when you see an obese child, the parent tends to be obese as well.

Improving your health and preventing health issues with our children starts in the supermarket. Have you taken a good look at the items in your shopping cart before you check out? On a recent trip to my local supermarket, I noticed an overweight young woman with her overweight children. I couldn’t help but take a look to see what was in her shopping cart. Sadly, what was in there were items that had no nutritional value at all what so ever. No water, fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, milk, eggs. There were lots of sugary, high calories sodas, maple syrup, crackers loaded with sodium and unhealthy fats. Pure junk. This is the typical shopping cart I see all the time.

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