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Take Me Out to the All-You-Can-Eat Game

hot dogWhat could be more American than baseball and hot dogs?

How about baseball… and a whole LOT of hot dogs?  According to this Sports Illustrated article, “all you can eat” ballpark sections are packing ’em in the seats these days

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The Colbert Report: “Thought for Food”

This isn’t supposed to be a humor blog, although I couldn’t resist posting Stephen Colbert’s humorous take on two (related) topics that I find distinctly unfunny: the so-called “sport” of competitive eating and the current fad for extreme, gross-out fast-food/chain restaurant sandwiches.


Food Addiction?

It sits there, staring at you, daring you not to eat it.

We have to eat to live, to grow, no two ways about it.  But now there is even more evidence that what we eat not only affects our energy levels and body composition – some nutrients can affect our brain in ways that emulate the changes associated with drugs of abuse.   Read the rest of this entry »

AMC - The Video

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