The Alpha Male Challenge Workouts Log Book 

The Alpha Male Challenge Workouts log book

The Alpha Male Challenge Workouts log book is the perfect complement to your quest to become a true Alpha Male. This 79-page companion e-book is designed to help you perform and track your workouts throughout the full 10-week Alpha Male Challenge program. It contains:

  1. Print-ready log sheets for each of the 27 different workouts. There’s no need to waste valuable time writing out all the details. We’ve already done it for you: just click “print” and take your workout with you to the gym. Whether you’re starting at Level A, B, or C, you’ll know exactly what to do.
  2. A print-ready “cheat sheet” with brief exercise instructions for each workout. If you forget how to perform certain movements, the Exercise Description sheets will remind you.
  3. Links to video demonstrations for each exercise. Good form is essential if you want to get the most out of your efforts in the gym. The “Workouts” e-book shows you exactly how each exercise should be done.
  4. Log sheets to record your “Work Heart” and “Play Heart” times. Keeping score is a great way to flex your “commitment muscles” and stay accountable.

Are you ready to take “The Challenge?” Make sure that you have your copy of the Alpha Male Challenge AND the new Alpha Male Challenge Workouts log book. Together, they’ll help you maximize your results and minimize the bookkeeping!

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