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Think Yourself Thin? WoW!

Could thinking about eating your favorite foods, likely ones which aren’t good for you, be the key to resisting them?

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New Obesity Research: Are “Unknown Factors” Responsible?

FOX News Alabama has just reported on a study conducted by obesity researchers at the University of Alabama concluding, in the words of researcher David B. Allison, Ph.D., that “the usual answer of too much eating and too little exercise may be a drastic oversimplification of the true causes of obesity” and that “increasing body weight may involve some unidentified or poorly understood factors.”  The study subjects were a group of primates called marmosets that lived with or around humans.  The researchers could find no explanation for why the marmosets gained weight over time.  A follow-up study with other mammals yielded similar findings, provoking speculations that “light changes, viruses and epigenetics” could be possible contributing factors to weight gain. Read the rest of this entry »


The Weight Loss Obsession – Maybe Not Obsessed Enough!

The title, “The Weight Loss Obsession”, was an original title for a piece I wrote in one of my books, over a decade ago. It was during a time when we, the experts, were pretty confident that the combat against fat was being fought and being won. Here we are, over a decade later, and not only have we Americans been beaten down by obesity, but it seems to be beating the entire world and it’s not about to stop its bullying anytime in the foreseeable future.

Do you know why this is? How could it be, that we, one of the most advanced, high tech and savvy countries in the world have now become known as the fattest country in the world? I believe it’s because we are also our own worst enemies! We Americans are non-stop and many of us unfortunately take little time to exercise and even less time to think about what we’re putting in our mouths. Read the rest of this entry »


Obesity drugs … or freezing away your fat?!

There’s no doubt that diet and exercise are the best path to major changes in your body composition — from flab to fab!  But the popular demand for an effort-free “magic bullet” solution to a better body will always keep medical researchers busy, as two recent news stories demonstrate.

First the bad news: after about a dozen years of effort and $1 billion of investment, Arena Pharmaceuticals announced that the FDA had rejected its application to market a new “anti-obesity” drug based upon “marginal” effectiveness in clinical trials and concerns over studies showing extremely high doses were linked to increased cancer rates in rats.  So, for the time being, lorcaserin (Lorqess) won’t be an option for the 1 out of 3 Americans currently categorized as obese.  Given the side effects historically associated with other weight loss drugs (e.g., fen-phen, rimonabant, sibutramine), I think the smart approach to transforming your body is a sound eating plan and exercise prescription like the one we created in Alpha Male Challenge.

Now … what could be good news for those who’ve reached fairly lean condition with diet and exercise but have a little bit of stubborn fat in a problem area they just can’t get rid of: FDA has just approved a non-invasive procedure to literally freeze away your fat cells! Read the rest of this entry »


Free Weights OR Machines? Choose Your Weapon!

Which is better – Free Weights or Machines? That’s a tough question, as both are beneficial to creating a great physique. Free Weights are awesome, as they allow you to follow your body’s unique mechanical flow and range of motion. You are also forced to make those smaller muscles such as the Synergists (AKA “neutralizer” muscles that help to keep you locked into a range for better muscle isolation) work hard during free weight exercises.

Synergists are also responsible for helping maintain your balance during free weight exercise. This is partly what helps prevent your body Read the rest of this entry »


Myth-Busting: Creatine and Dehydration

A mystery hit the small town of McMinnville, Oregon this month when two dozen of the town’s high school football players took ill after an intense “total immersion” training camp.  All had elevated levels of creatine kinase, an enzyme released by the muscles after extreme training.  Over a dozen were admitted to the hospital at least overnight, and three were suffering from a rare disorder known as anterior compartment syndrome that required surgery to relieve the pressure in their triceps.  The State’s Public Health Division announced an investigation to get to the bottom of it.

At a news conference, the superintendent of McMinnville Schools, Maryalice Russell, said that she doesn’t believe the cause was the type of workouts the players were doing during the preseason practice camp, although the players worked out in the high school’s wrestling room, where temperatures reportedly reached 115 degrees or more.  The media quickly began pointing at dietary supplementation with creatine products as a possible cause, even though not a single player claimed to have taken creatine.  Read the rest of this entry »


Eric Broser Interviewed on the Performance Nutrition Show

Team True Alpha Member Eric Broser was recently interviewed by Dr. Jose Antonio and co-host Carla Sanchez of the Performance Nutrition Show

In addition to his other accomplishments (drug-free pro bodybuilder, author/columnist, trainer), Eric is the co-author (with James and Rick) of the soon-to-be-published Alpha Male Challenge Advanced Workout.

It’s a great,  informative interview – definitely worth a listen. Click here to check out the show!

[Note: Eric’s interview begins approx. 20 min. into the podcast]


Brandon Girardi: A True Alpha Success!

Team True Alpha member Taylor Simon of Taylored Training shared the following testimonial from Brandon Girardi, 25, one of his training clients who just completed the Alpha Male Challenge!  Thanks, Taylor, and big kudos to Brandon! More proof that the AMC program not only torches body fat, but builds muscle — even in hard gainers!

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KettleBell Concepts Conference a Success!

This past weekend Rick and James presented a dynamic lecture to the participants of the KettleBell Concepts second annual conference, held at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan.  The audience, which included personal trainers and fitness professionals, were treated to the authors’ candid reflections on the process by which they brought the “True Alpha” concept to fruition as Alpha Male Challenge, securing a six figure advance from mega-giant publisher Rodale.  The authors offered a six-step process by which aspiring fitness authors can find their niche, develop a following, and ultimately bring their book idea to an agent and publisher. High value info, to say the least!   

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James is’s Personal Trainer of the Month!

Congrats to James! Click on the link below to check out the interview.

Personal Trainer James Villepigue Gives You The Road Map To Your Ideal Physique!

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