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Bad Day on the Dumbbell Bench

Those who follow me on twitter ( or facebook ( or train at my gym know that in late January 2011, I tore my right triceps off the bone. The tendon was pulled out at the elbow, yanking out loose bits of bone and spilling what seemed like an ocean of blood within the tissue over the next few days.

I’m now recovering from the worst injury I’ve sustained in nearly 35 years of careful but extremely high-intensity bodybuilding. It wasn’t pretty, and it seemed to happen in an instant. One minute everything seemed to be going just fine and the next, out of nowhere, in a flash, everything suddenly went terribly wrong.

So, in response to the many questions I’ve gotten, here’s what happened. Read the rest of this entry »


Words To Lift By # 1

Stop running-Try uphill sprints-The anatomical angle will decrease range of motion-Try it on grass hills. You’ll have less knee and back pain too! Try the Alpha Male Challenge Kilimanjaro Climb…It’s totally True Alpha!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS


Rest = Recover = RESULTS!

Sleep is a rarely considered piece to the total fitness puzzle, but is one of THE most important aspects of becoming a muscular, lean, mean, fit machine! Going to the gym and putting in intense, gut-busting workouts day after day acts only as the stimulus for gains in muscle size, strength, and power, as well as decreases in body fat. Proper nutritional intake is then necessary to provide you the building blocks needed to actually create new lean tissue and melt ugly adipose. However, all of this will be meaningless if you do not allow your body the time and opportunity to “work” this magical process. When does your body do 99% of its building and repair work? WHEN YOU SLEEP! During sleep all other body processes slow down and an intense recovery period takes place. The conscious mind is allowed to “chill” while the subconscious keeps us entertained. Read the rest of this entry »


AAOS on “Consulting Dr. Google”

AAOS logoThe American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons issued a press release on Friday, to comment on a study recently published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. The study, “Quality and Content of Internet-Based Information for 10 Common Sports Medicine Diagnoses,” examined the online info available for sports/training-related injuries and conditions. 

The verdict? Not surprsingly, the quality of information provided by “Dr. Google” varies, with a significant amount being either incorrect or incomplete.

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Inspiration Through Tragedy

Many people feel they have the strength and toughness to get through anything life throws at them.  A true alpha can adapt and survive no matter what. 

Let me put you in a scenario…  You get hit by a car and have severe head trauma.  You finally get out of the hospital after spending 6 weeks in a coma and 3 1/2 months in the hospital.  You leave the hospita lto find you aren’t the same person mentally and physically.  You find yourself slipping into a depression and think the answer to fix it is alcohol.  Your last drink you pass out and probably shouldn’t wake up due to the excessive amount you had.  But luckily you do.  Do you continue down the dark path or do you find another outlet to deal with your emotions? 

Dan Cox, a true alpha, found his outlet.  FITNESS!  Check out Dan Cox’s inspirational interview!


I Can Do Anything You Can Do…Better Be Careful!

A lot of us are or have been guilty of following what we see someone else doing in the gym. You know the deal –  You see that extraordinarily fit guy or girl performing that exercise and you figure, hey if they’re doing it and look like that, I’m going to do it and I’m going to look like that too. Not so fast my overly ambitious Blog buddies!

I am in the gym everyday and each and every time, I see 90% of the people working out, training improperly, performing crazy looking and less than effective exercises or performing exercises with terrible technique & form. Strangely enough, some of the people I see training, do all the wrong things, and they miraculously look amazing! You’d assume that they must know what they’re doing to look so good, right? Not so fast! Read the rest of this entry »


Weight Training Injuries – How To Deal With & Prevent Them

One of the most common injuries for a person working out with weights is tendonitis or joint soreness. This is usually because strain is put on the bones and connective tissue and/or you are experiencingt what are referred to as, overuse injuries.

In order to relieve this situation, there are some things that you can do. First off, if you’re not sure about just how injured you might be, do yourself a favor and seek medical advice immediately. If you know that you simply strained yourself or feel overly sore, in my opinion, ice is one of the very best ways to… Read the rest of this entry »

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