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Thank God John Kass Didn’t Write the AMC

If he had, then I can guarantee you that Alpha Male Challenge would be a very different book! :(

Who the heck is John Kass?  He’s a columnist for the Chicago Tribune. Like me, he was inspired to write a column about that stupid Combos “America’s Manliest City” contest. The good news is that we both agree: it’s ridiculous to equate chomping “hollow pretzels stuffed with a powdery ‘cheeze food’ product” with manliness.

The bad news?  That’s about all we agree on. Suffice it to say, Kass’ definition of “manliness” is quite different from mine.

Ok, he’s a d00d and I’m not – so you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe he’s the one who speaks with more authority on this particular subject.

Until you actually read Kass’ column, that is, and discover the identity of his ideal, “iconic manly man.”

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The Colbert Report: “Thought for Food”

This isn’t supposed to be a humor blog, although I couldn’t resist posting Stephen Colbert’s humorous take on two (related) topics that I find distinctly unfunny: the so-called “sport” of competitive eating and the current fad for extreme, gross-out fast-food/chain restaurant sandwiches.

AMC - The Video

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