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True Alpha Charity Skydiving

Local Long Island media continue to promote the 2010 Global Leap for Life, focusing now on the father-daughter angle.  Check out this article in the Westbury Times!  The True Alpha message is that living life to the fullest means BOTH pushing your personal boundaries AND doing what you can to help others.  If you can combine them, as we did with this skydive charity event to raise money for LiveSTRONG, you’ve created a fantastic one-two combination!!  Now, about the Kilimanjaro mountain trek … I’m seriously mulling it over and doing my Kilimanjaro 20 Walking Climb religiously!!


Skydivers Worldwide “Leap for Life” in Support of Cancer Research!

Rick's 2010 Leap for Life

During the weekend of August 21st – 22nd, 2010, more than 70 people across the United States and Canada (including my own daughter, Lauren) took a “leap” into a whole new way of raising awareness – and money – for cancer research.  This unique show of support, solidarity – and “skydiving for a cause” – was the result of the first-ever Global Leap for Life ( – a unique fundraiser I created that succeeded in raising more than $32,000 (so far!) for LiveSTRONG/the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help in the fight against cancer.  You can watch the video of the jump right here and see lots of pictures on my facebook page!! Read the rest of this entry »


A NEW True Alpha Challenge BEGINS!

This past week my travel schedule brought me through the Salt Lake City airport for a 3 hour layover before my red eye home to New York.  It presented the perfect opportunity to meet with one of my facebook buddies face-to-face.  Ty Bateman is a personal trainer in a suburb of Salt Lake City and an awesome guy.  Ty drove to the airport to meet with me and talk about training, diet, his brand new fitness studio “getFITwithTY” in Tooele, and the whole True Alpha concept.  Ty’s a huge fan of Alpha Male Challenge, and he came armed with a copy of the book for me to sign and a proposition: a Challenge for folks in his area to strive to be their best … and win cash while doing it!  Read the rest of this entry »


KettleBell Concepts Conference a Success!

This past weekend Rick and James presented a dynamic lecture to the participants of the KettleBell Concepts second annual conference, held at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan.  The audience, which included personal trainers and fitness professionals, were treated to the authors’ candid reflections on the process by which they brought the “True Alpha” concept to fruition as Alpha Male Challenge, securing a six figure advance from mega-giant publisher Rodale.  The authors offered a six-step process by which aspiring fitness authors can find their niche, develop a following, and ultimately bring their book idea to an agent and publisher. High value info, to say the least!   

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Celebrity DJ JoJo Wright Joins “Leap for Life”

Exciting things are happening as we move closer to the 2010 Global Leap for Life! In addition to our team continuing to grow by “leaps” and bounds … our team now includes a high-profile celebrity personality who is not only committed to leaping along with us in August, but who is helping to spread the word about Leap for Life to hundreds of thousands of his followers – many of whom we also hope will join our cause, as well!

We’re thrilled to let you know that nationally syndicated radio personality JoJo Wright (a well-known disc jockey/radio personality at KIIS-FM in Los Angeles whose top-rated nightly show “JoJo on the Radio” airs in 50 markets across the country) has announced that he has joined the “Leap for Life” team – and will be skydiving for the very first time along with us in August. As part of his just-announced “Make it Wright” initiative to give back to others, JoJo has selected the “2010 Global Leap for Life” as one of the causes he feels strongly about and will be participating in this summer – and we’re so happy to have him on board.

Email me with any questions or if you need any assistance in fundraising tips and/or tools. Thanks again for your participation … and let’s get ready to take Leap for Life to even greater heights in the remaining weeks ahead!

Rick Collins


New “Leap For Life” Article Posted at

Was just alerted to another article on Rick’s upcoming “Leap For Life,” on behalf of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. contributor David Bois did an awesome job of highlighting the importance of this upcoming event.


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Training Partners Wanted – Searching For An Alpha Male Challenge Workout Buddy?

We’ve heard from a few of you who are interested in and actively looking for training partners in your area. Well, we aim to please.

This post will become a means to help us identify who you are and will allow other Alpha Male Challengers to find you. Read the rest of this entry »


Sports Nutrition Conference Not to be Missed!

You can meet many Team True Alpha experts this month at the 7th Annual Conference and Expo of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), entitled “Sports Supplements: the most effective strategies.” 

I’ll be there with ISSN founders and Team True Alpha members Joey Antonio and Doug Kalman, along with Abbie Smith and numerous contributors to Alpha Male Challenge and good True Alpha friends including Hector Lopez, Darryn Willoughby, Jeff Stout, Marie Spano, Staci Wilson and more!  We’ve heard that Dr. Jack Darkes is also dropping by!  This year’s conference will be held at

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Leap For Life

Leap For Life - 2010Rick’s 2010 “Leap for Life” event will take place on the weekend of August 21 – 22.  Last year’s jump was a massive success – Da Man ultimately raised over $15,000 for cancer research. This year, he’s aiming to beat that total – but he can’t do it alone, so this year’s jump will be a cooperative effort. If you’re ready to take the plunge, click here to join the fun… and practice the 4 “Cs” in the bargain.*

Of course, it can’t get done without donors, either. I kicked in $150.00 last week, and will donate more as the day draws nearer.  Yeah, money’s tight – but for me, it’s personal… I watched my father die of cancer barely a month after my son – his grandson – was born.  In addition, one of the best friends that I have in this world is a cancer survivor.  So as far as I’m concerned, cancer research is worth every dollar I can spare.

If you feel the way I do, visit Rick’s “Leap for Life” page at Please donate what you can (every little bit helps!) or sign up to make the leap yourself. It’s the True Alpha thing to do!


*Commitment, Confidence, Courage and Conscience


Team True Alpha Coming To NYC!

Come join us this July 9-11 in Manhattan, NY, as Rick, I, and other Team True Alpha experts present some of our innovative and exciting classes and workshops at the KBC Galvanized 2 Trade show, presented by the one and only, Kettlebell Concepts. Please click on the following link for additional information:

AMC - The Video

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