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MAKE Your Dreams Come True…

“The word ‘dream’is often defined as a ‘fantastic but vain hope.’ To me this implies that dreams usually don’t come true and that we have no control over whether they do. Well, if YOU think this way, then chances are your dreams WILL NOT materialize. However, if you have faith your dreams CAN become reality, and live like it is a foregone conclusion that they WILL, you are on your way to having whatever you want.”

-Eric Broser/Team True Alpha

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Why solving the obesity epidemic will hurt the economy

Food is a major source of revenue in the United States, generating more than 1,617 billion dollars in 2009. It has been reported that the U.S. produces enough food to supply each person around 4000 calories per day, nearly twice what we need.

Children eat around 350 calories more per day then they did in the 1970’s, and adults consume an additional 500 calories compared to the 70’s.

If everyone skipped one meal every day, we would be eating the same amount of food as we were 30 years ago, when obesity rates were low. However, consider the consequences of skipping one meal on the economy.

If lunch costs around 5 dollars and all Americans skipped this meal, there would be a loss of revenue exceeding 1.5 billion dollars per day (over $560 billion each year), or a 34% decrease in total revenue for the food industry. Read the rest of this entry »


Do you have the “Eye of the Tiger”?

Most people you talk to at one time or another have stopped and started a weight loss program. When someone starts a weight loss program, they’re usually very motivated about it. They’ve got the “Eye of the Tiger”. But then, after a few weeks or months, they lose momentum and motivation. They’ve lost their “Eye of the Tiger”. Read the rest of this entry »


Is Procrastination Getting in Your Way?

What’s the biggest thing that blocks people from successfully losing weight and improving their health?  They never get started on it in the first place.  You HEAR people all the time TALK about how they want or need to lose weight, exercise or eat better, but all they do is TALK about it and never actually get started.

It’s not that they can’t exercise or improve their eating habits; it’s just that they never actually “DO” it.  And it’s not just with their health and fitness goals.  This concept applies to other goals as well.  So what’s holding you back? Read the rest of this entry »


The “Act As If” Principle – How The Right Mind-Set Will Get You In Amazing Shape!

Just over a year ago, I began training a 38 year old male who weighed 310 pounds. When I met him in person, I could see that he was hungry to make positive changes in his life. He had gotten to a point in his life, where he was clearly not happy about the way he looked and felt.

This was obviously having a major impact on both his personal life and his career. Although I saw his desire to change, I still wasn’t sure that he’s  have the ability to truly buy in to the True Alpha program. I pull no punches and I expect my clients to give me their all. I wasn’t sure that he could give that to me.

Well, we began the program and as I expected, it was slow going for the first week. He had been sedentary for a while and I certainly didn’t want to rush into things, as I didn’t want to do any physical harm to my client by rushing the process.

We started off and again, Read the rest of this entry »


The New Manliness

The September 27th issue of Newsweek features an article by writers Andrew Romano and Tony Dokoupil entitled, “Men’s Lib.”  “What’s the matter with men?” the authors ask.  “For years, the media have delivered the direst of prognoses.  Men are ‘in decline.’  Guys are getting ‘stiffed.’  The ‘war on boys’ has begun.  And so on.”  They cite Hanna Rosin’s declaration about “The End of Men” in The Atlantic (fiercely dissected in this blog not long ago).

Without doubt, there’s a lot of confusion today about what a guy needs to do and be.  Romano and Dokoupil criticize what they call displays of “throwback masculinity” such as rich urbanites strutting around in hunting gear.  They’re right: we can’t retreat into the woods in deference to “some musty script” of manliness.  The man for our times must be a man of our times, and changing gender roles can’t be ignored.  We need to look forward, to evolve, to redefine our gender.  But in ultimately suggesting that the solution lies only in embracing “girly jobs and dirty diapers,” the authors miss the point.  Sure, men with children should strive to be good breadwinners and good parents.  I can’t agree more!  But so should women.  Gender roles have neutralized in many ways and nobody should be afraid to change a diaper or do the carpooling.  But that doesn’t help us define what masculinity is.  If anything, by focusing on genderlessness, it just tells us what it’s not. Read the rest of this entry »


True Alpha Attitude!

“What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger,” wrote the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche in Twilight of the Idols. Besides being a monumentally manly thing to say, there’s a great deal of support for the idea, even if Nietzsche himself was a little crazy. “Strength does not come from winning,” said a famous Austrian who went from bricklayer to bodybuilding champion to California governor. “Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”  Next time your struggles seem overwhelming, think about Nick Vujicic, and be inspired…..

Not everything in life is as we might want it.  We all have days when our problems seem like a heavier burden than usual.  Sometimes, our burden may seem overwhelming.  How we deal with those days is in large part what defines us.  It’s what True Alpha Attitude is all about.


True Alpha Charity Skydiving

Local Long Island media continue to promote the 2010 Global Leap for Life, focusing now on the father-daughter angle.  Check out this article in the Westbury Times!  The True Alpha message is that living life to the fullest means BOTH pushing your personal boundaries AND doing what you can to help others.  If you can combine them, as we did with this skydive charity event to raise money for LiveSTRONG, you’ve created a fantastic one-two combination!!  Now, about the Kilimanjaro mountain trek … I’m seriously mulling it over and doing my Kilimanjaro 20 Walking Climb religiously!!


Skydivers Worldwide “Leap for Life” in Support of Cancer Research!

Rick's 2010 Leap for Life

During the weekend of August 21st – 22nd, 2010, more than 70 people across the United States and Canada (including my own daughter, Lauren) took a “leap” into a whole new way of raising awareness – and money – for cancer research.  This unique show of support, solidarity – and “skydiving for a cause” – was the result of the first-ever Global Leap for Life ( – a unique fundraiser I created that succeeded in raising more than $32,000 (so far!) for LiveSTRONG/the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help in the fight against cancer.  You can watch the video of the jump right here and see lots of pictures on my facebook page!! Read the rest of this entry »


Taking Risks for Mental Toughness

The synergism of resilience, perseverance, level-headedness, and an internal locus of control is the concoction underlying mental toughness — a key component of Alpha Attitude. Sports psychologists maintain that mentally tough athletes have a higher pain tolerance, rehab quicker, and cope better with exertion. These are the play makers. Business psychologists have identified this trait as a major factor in separating those who are and are not financially successful. These are the players.

As far as I know there is no machine in the gym that makes one mentally tougher. It is also not something that is simply created through conscious choice or we all would be mental tough guys. Read the rest of this entry »

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