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Words To Lift By # 1

Stop running-Try uphill sprints-The anatomical angle will decrease range of motion-Try it on grass hills. You’ll have less knee and back pain too! Try the Alpha Male Challenge Kilimanjaro Climb…It’s totally True Alpha!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS


Think Yourself Thin? WoW!

Could thinking about eating your favorite foods, likely ones which aren’t good for you, be the key to resisting them?

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This Winter, Don’t Hibernate – Get Moving! 8 Tips for Fat Loss and Fitness Success

Now that Winter is upon us, you’re probably starting to think ahead to Spring, and all of those warm fuzzy, please get here soon to-do’s! You’re ready to shed those bulky winter clothes and slip into shorts and swimsuits, right? But you quickly realize that you still have several months before that’s happening. There’s no better time to get that butt in shape than now!

Here are some tips for you men and women who are not interested in hibernating this winter! Read the rest of this entry »


The Weight Loss Obsession – Maybe Not Obsessed Enough!

The title, “The Weight Loss Obsession”, was an original title for a piece I wrote in one of my books, over a decade ago. It was during a time when we, the experts, were pretty confident that the combat against fat was being fought and being won. Here we are, over a decade later, and not only have we Americans been beaten down by obesity, but it seems to be beating the entire world and it’s not about to stop its bullying anytime in the foreseeable future.

Do you know why this is? How could it be, that we, one of the most advanced, high tech and savvy countries in the world have now become known as the fattest country in the world? I believe it’s because we are also our own worst enemies! We Americans are non-stop and many of us unfortunately take little time to exercise and even less time to think about what we’re putting in our mouths. Read the rest of this entry »


The “Act As If” Principle – How The Right Mind-Set Will Get You In Amazing Shape!

Just over a year ago, I began training a 38 year old male who weighed 310 pounds. When I met him in person, I could see that he was hungry to make positive changes in his life. He had gotten to a point in his life, where he was clearly not happy about the way he looked and felt.

This was obviously having a major impact on both his personal life and his career. Although I saw his desire to change, I still wasn’t sure that he’s  have the ability to truly buy in to the True Alpha program. I pull no punches and I expect my clients to give me their all. I wasn’t sure that he could give that to me.

Well, we began the program and as I expected, it was slow going for the first week. He had been sedentary for a while and I certainly didn’t want to rush into things, as I didn’t want to do any physical harm to my client by rushing the process.

We started off and again, Read the rest of this entry »


Fuel For A True Alpha Workout

If your stomach can handle it, it’s always a good idea to fuel up before a strength training workout. This is true, especially in the morning, when you’re a little groggy. It’s vital that you stay focused and have enough energy to sustain a high intensity, True Alpha Workout.  It’s always good to include come complex carbohydrates, as these will convert to glucose. This is vital, as your body will often have very low glycogen levels and the glucose will provide a quick energy boost and the fuel you need to get you through that tough workout.

Your body may already have some stored glycogen AKA your muscle fuel, but this fuel source may only last for 30 minutes or so, especially when you’re muscles are working to the max. The carbs you eat, will make sure that you’ve got two fuel sources and will act as your fuel backup. Make sure you choose carbohydrates that are healthy and not filled with the wrong fats or sugar.  Something like steel-cut oatmeal with maybe some Banana pieces and a few walnuts is a great source of carbohydrates that is good for you and can help you with filling you with energy. Read the rest of this entry »


Free Weights OR Machines? Choose Your Weapon!

Which is better – Free Weights or Machines? That’s a tough question, as both are beneficial to creating a great physique. Free Weights are awesome, as they allow you to follow your body’s unique mechanical flow and range of motion. You are also forced to make those smaller muscles such as the Synergists (AKA “neutralizer” muscles that help to keep you locked into a range for better muscle isolation) work hard during free weight exercises.

Synergists are also responsible for helping maintain your balance during free weight exercise. This is partly what helps prevent your body Read the rest of this entry »


Time Under Tension

Time Under Tension – In traditional weight training programs, there are typically three standardized repetition ranges, each designed to accomplish a different goal or result. Typically you’d perform anywhere from 1-6 repetitions if your focus is to improve strength, 8-12 repetitions if your focus is muscle hypertrophy and an increase in muscle size, and 15-25 repetitions if your focus is to improve muscular endurance and maximize fat loss.  Each has its’ place in a successful overall training routine and should be incorporated in order to accomplish each of these goals. Read the rest of this entry »


Got Muscle? Get To Training Your Legs!

The Gym Leg Section…A Ghost Town
If you workout in a public gym or health club, there’s a great chance that the leg area, which is often segregated,  is the quietest area in the entire gym. Truth be told, a big part of me loves this, as it allows me to have free reign of any machine or piece of leg apparatus my little heart desires. However, the James that loves to see people succeed, which usually takes precedence over the gluttonous James, is completely bewildered as to why someone would neglect this Diamond Mind of a physique transformer. I understand why most people hate to train legs. That’s easy. Training legs hurts and it will totally exhaust you, once you’ve completed a well prepared leg workout.  Read the rest of this entry »


So Many Exercises, So Little Time – The What & Why

Choice of Exercises: You’ll know if you have a good workout system when it provides you with a variety of exercises. There are multiple exercises for each major muscle group. At first glance, all of these same body part exercises can be a bit overwhelming.

The broad variety actually happens to be a great benefit to you, as it will keep your muscles consistently challenged and will keep you mentally motivated throughout the total workout plan. The variation of the exercises extends beyond just the type of machine or training apparatus that you’ll be using.

A good workout program will also instruct you to train your body in various anatomical positions, which will allow you to isolate specific muscle groups. For example, when you do a chest press on an incline bench, you are helping to engage the upper chest (pectoral) muscles. If you move to a flat bench and now perform a chest press, you have now moved the primary muscle concentration to the center of the chest. Read the rest of this entry »

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