Why solving the obesity epidemic will hurt the economy

Food is a major source of revenue in the United States, generating more than 1,617 billion dollars in 2009. It has been reported that the U.S. produces enough food to supply each person around 4000 calories per day, nearly twice what we need.

Children eat around 350 calories more per day then they did in the 1970’s, and adults consume an additional 500 calories compared to the 70’s.

If everyone skipped one meal every day, we would be eating the same amount of food as we were 30 years ago, when obesity rates were low. However, consider the consequences of skipping one meal on the economy.

If lunch costs around 5 dollars and all Americans skipped this meal, there would be a loss of revenue exceeding 1.5 billion dollars per day (over $560 billion each year), or a 34% decrease in total revenue for the food industry.

The fact is, we eat more than we need and spend more money on food than necessary. Simply eating less and spending more time exercising is the best place to start. We are already spending the money on food; if we spent less money on food and more money on items to improve health, such as gym memberships and health books, we can begin to combat obesity in America.

The Alpha Male understands this concept and decides not to avoid eating, but to eat healthy and exercise more. This is one thing that separates the Alpha Male from the rest. An Alpha Male looks at food as Alpha fuel, something to take him to the next level. If everyone applied the Alpha Male principles to their life we would not have a loss of revenue in the food industry, but a shift in revenue to healthy foods and away from fast and unhealthy food.


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