Is Procrastination Getting in Your Way?

What’s the biggest thing that blocks people from successfully losing weight and improving their health?  They never get started on it in the first place.  You HEAR people all the time TALK about how they want or need to lose weight, exercise or eat better, but all they do is TALK about it and never actually get started.

It’s not that they can’t exercise or improve their eating habits; it’s just that they never actually “DO” it.  And it’s not just with their health and fitness goals.  This concept applies to other goals as well.  So what’s holding you back?

Talk is cheap
When we don’t actually “have to” do something, we tend to put things off and make excuses that hold us back.  In the case of weight loss and improving one’s health, when it comes to diet and exercise, let’s face it…. people make excuses.  The #1 excuse people make as to why they don’t exercise is that they don’t have time.  When it comes to improving your diet, the #1 excuse is that eating healthy is expensive, followed up with I don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal.

What would it take for you to “have to” improve your health and fitness?  Would it take getting a poor health evaluation from your doctor?  I’m here to tell you the chances are that won’t do it.  I know this from first- hand experience.  I hear from people all the time about a health issue (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, borderline diabetes, etc.) they have either been diagnosed with or warned about that can be corrected or improved with a diet and exercise program, and will TALK about how they need to exercise and eat better, yet still don’t ACT on it.

Are you an information junkie?
Some people are great about gathering information, love learning, but still don’t ACT on the knowledge they’ve acquired from all the information they gathered.  All the research, learning and information is useless unless you ACT on it.

What do I mean by this?  You can buy the best book in the world on how to successfully lose weight and keep it off for life, read it cover to cover and NOT implement any of the information you learned from that book.

The question you need to ask yourself is why you invest your time gathering information, yet don’t implement any of it?

Keeping them honest
Most people need to be held accountable in order to act on things.  Your paycheck keeps you accountable.  A monetary investment keeps you accountable.

Part of what I do is keep people accountable.  They’ve made an investment by purchasing my services.  I keep them accountable by having them show up for their appointment with me whether it’s on line or in person.  Those who make the investment are taking action.

Here’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.  Many people say they want have great abs and look great in a swim suit.  What if you were to schedule an appointment with a photographer for a swimsuit photo shoot?  Find a photographer, meet with him/her, set a date for the photo shoot (3 or 6 months from now), and pay the photographer ½ the money up front for the photo shoot.  That would provide you with a goal, time frame to achieve your goal, and incentive to ACT on getting those great abs.

Is procrastination holding you back?
One of the biggest reasons why most people fail to do anything they dream about whether it’s improving their health and fitness, starting their own business, etc., is that they procrastinate.  They hold off on doing anything because the timing isn’t right, they have something else going on, they never seem to have enough money, etc.

With weight loss, I hear the following comments all the time – I’d like to wait until next month to get started or I’ll get started after the New Year.   Guess what?  The never do.

Are you an action taker?
If you don’t ACT NOW, chances are you never will.  That’s what separates action takers from procrastinators.  Those who take action get results.  Those who procrastinate achieve NOTHING.  It’s as simple as that.

If I wasn’t an action taker, I would not have achieved the results I have gotten not just with my health and fitness, but as a business person, and in my personal life with the friendships I have made.

Ask yourself, are you an action taker or are you going to continue being a could’ve, would’ve, should’ve and achieve NOTHING.

The time is NOW to ACT and ACHIEVE.  Those who ACT triumph in life and what better place to start than with your health and fitness.


4 Responses to “Is Procrastination Getting in Your Way?”

  • Jacqui:

    That is an “in your face” “look in the mirror: article – love it!

  • Hi Jacqui
    Glad you liked this article. I deal with procrastinators almost daily. What I wrote was an honest look at all the excuses I hear from people (clients, friends, family) not only about fitness and health, but about relationships, career, etc.

    Procrastination is a form of negative thinking. It holds you back from anything and everything you want to achieve.

    Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Who knows, perhaps this will get someone you know to really take a “look in the mirror”.


  • Rick Collins:

    Great article, Shari! If a person finds reasons to put off starting til tomorrow, tomorrow will never come. Yes, the time for action is now! Getting started may be the toughest hurdle in making fitness a part of one’s life, but maybe you can dedicate a follow-up blog post to the second hurdle: Sticking to it! Too many people start strong but then trail off. Staying with the program for the long run is crucial!

  • Rick, I’m glad you liked this post and yes, I will work on a follow-up blog post to this: Sticking to It!

    Carpe Diem! :)

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