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Helping Others has a Ripple Effect

By Jack Darkes, PhD

The Alpha Male Challenge (AMC) helps men reclaim their masculine attitude and vigor.  The social role of this more physically capable and mentally tough man is to take the lead in the community, to recognize his responsibility to others and act on their behalf; to be altruistic.  The goal of the AMC is to change men’s lives and, in the process, provide an example for others.  In that way, the AMC can make positive change for everyone one, not solely for the men who complete it.

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Are You Ready to Change?

By Jack Darkes, PhD and Rick Collins, JD, CSCS

Does a True Alpha future and the physical and social rewards it can bring sound good to you? Great! Welcome aboard! But remember that even a great plan like the Alpha Male Challenge must build upon your readiness to change. Taking stock of where we initially are can help us enhance our chances for success as we embark on our True Alpha journey. 

Every guy comes with a different level of readiness to change. We know the program presented in AMC can work for every guy, but making the most of it requires being ready to commit. You have to see a need to change. Some guys just don’t see that need, even if others tell them they should. They’re not self-motivated. If they do try, it’s because someone else insisted on it. But no program is likely to work for them. They just are not ready. 


Stellar Alpha Male Challenge Review from

Review by George Spellwin, Research/Director of Elite Fitness:

Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

Bodybuilding pros and experts are agreeing that Alpha Male Challenge is one of the most revolutionary books to hit the fitness industry in years. Besides outlining exactly how to achieve a ripped physique in 10 weeks, Alpha Male Challenge will help you improve yourself socially, mentally, professionally – and regain your manhood! This is no doubt the complete book!

I seriously get tired of reviewing bodybuilding books these days. More than ever, it seems like every author just steals older ideas and rehashes the same material that was written 10 years ago – or even worse – 20 years ago! With this being the case, I really don’t enjoy reading many bodybuilding books. But once in a while, I’ll read a book that actually excites me by bringing something new to the table.

Alpha Male Challenge is one of these rare books, and I recently had the pleasure of reading a copy of it.

Alpha Male Challenge is written by well-noted fitness author James Villepigue (he’s got 23 books to his credit) and my friend (and high-profile defense attorney) Rick Collins. Now I know what you’re thinking… George is going to give his buddy’s book a nice plug. But the truth is, Alpha Male Challenge is…

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How much weight should I lift and how many reps should I do?

[Note: Before you begin reading this article, please turn to page 62 in the Alpha Male Challenge book and read the second paragraph which describes how much weight/resistance you should be lifting.]

The Alpha Male Challenge’s resistance training program AKA “Alpha Wave Basic Training,” is easy to customize to your desired goals. If  you want to become leaner and lose body fat, the amount of weight you lift may be different compared to the guy who wants to pack on muscular mass.
So, “How much weight should I lift?”

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The TRUE ALPHA CHALLENGE at the Arnold Classic!

The True Alpha Challenge

Over the weekend of March 5 to 7, 2010, James, Rick and the True Alpha Team were in Columbus, OH for the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival and Arnold Classic bodybuilding extravaganza conducting the TRUE ALPHA CHALLENGE! Open to both men and women 18+, the contest was adapted from the MaleScale™ — the revolutionary assessment tool in Alpha Male Challenge (Rodale, 2009). Contestants battled for prizes on the EXPO floor at the StrengthPro booth, as well as upstairs in the Convention Center at the Arnold Strength Summit. Rick and James were personally there, overseeing a team of volunteers organized by strength guru David Sandler of StrengthPro. There were three different challenges offered:

  1. How high can you jump?
  2. How many pushups can you do without stopping?
  3. How many kettlebell curls can you do (30 pounds for men, 15 pounds for women)?

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