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The Kilimanjaro 20 Walking Climb

Level A

Time Grade Speed
3 minute warmup 5.0 3.0 MPH
3 minute 7.0 3.5 MPH
3 minute 10.0 3.7 MPH
3 minute 12.0 3.8 MPH
3 minute 15.0 4.0 MPH
5 minute cooldown
Gradually reduce the grade as follows: Once you hit the end of the 3 mins on 15.0, reduce to 10.0 for the 1st min, down to 6.0 for the 2nd min, down to 4.0 for the 3rd min, and down to 3.0 for the 4th and 5th mins.
At the end of the 3rd min at 4.0 mph, reduce the speed down to 3.7 mph for the 1st min, down to 3.5 mph for the 2nd min, down to 3.0 mph for the 3rd min and down to 2.5 mph for the 4th and 5th mins.

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Take the Challenge at the Arnold Sports FestivalRick, James, and the True Alpha Team will be in Columbus, OH for the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival and Arnold Classic bodybuilding extravaganza (March 5, 6 and 7 at the Columbus Convention Center, (  How many pushups can you do?  How high can you jump?  Prizes galore, and open to both men AND women (18+ please)!  You’ll find the team on the expo floor at the StrengthPro booth, as well as upstairs in the Convention Center at the Arnold Strength Summit.  Meet James, Rick, and strength guru David Sandler of StrengthPro.  You don’t even need to be present when winners are announed in order to win!  Come say hi, and bring your copy of Alpha Male Challenge for a personal signature by Rick and James!

AMC - The Video

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