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AMC makes Lou Schuler’s list of BEST fitness books of 2009!

Popular fitness writer Lou Schuler of “Male Pattern Fitness” has chosen Alpha Male Challenge as one of his six picks for best fitness books of 2009.  He calls it “a big, substantial, well-written, and well-produced book” that “has a ton of everything: long lists of food choices in a variety of categories; exercises that range from barbell standards to bodybuilding curiosities like Smith machine hack squats to plyometrics; and workouts that combine power exercises with leg presses and preacher curls.”  He notes that  most of the books on his “year-end reading list have programs rooted more in athletic training than bodybuildng.  AMC offers a mix of the two, offering its readers functional benefits like power and mobility with good old-fashioned seam-ripping muscle mass.” 

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Carb Rules: Glycemic Load

By Rick Collins, JD, CSCS, and James Villepigue, CSCS

It is too simplistic to claim that all carbohydrates are bad for us. As in the case with fats, not all carbs are equal. Eating a diet containing too much of the wrong carbohydrates sets a guy up for a lifetime of disease and a basement MaleScale™ score. To distinguish the good carbs from the ugly, an “index” was created as a method of ranking carbohydrates based on their effect on the blood sugar (glucose) levels of our bodies. Carbs that take time to break down and release glucose in the blood slowly—“low-glycemic” carbs—have low glycemic index values. Carbs that break down quickly in the digestive process – “high-glycemic carbs” — release glucose quickly into the bloodstream.

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Angela Courduff gets the scoop from Rick Collins in a recent interview.  Click here to check out the latest on Alpha Male Challenge and all things True Alpha.

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